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Laundry Pal

Laundry Pal is a service that connects users with workers to pick up, complete, and deliver laundry back to him or her so they have one less task on their plate. 

Spring 2021


  • Brand design

  • Visual identity

  • UI wireframing

  • Logo design

no background.png

Brand applications

The branding of Laundry Pal is personable, lighthearted, and bubbly. It allows for a broad range of applications. Through posters, an app, and packaging, the visual strategy leaves the audience with a level of interest and curiosity. Laundry Alert uses a subtle, pastel color palette, a rounded sans serif typeface, and playful illustrations. 

promotion poster.png
Comp 1_2.gif
wireframes for project 3-05.png


I explored how the brand could be personable and playful by iterating on a logo design, color palette, illustration style, and company name that would most effectively convey this. 

I decided to explore different face options and accompanying icon styles that would allow for a more modular brand with a  variety of brand applications.  

process 3.png
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