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Red Hat

Amphitheater Badges

Named by Red Hat, the Red Hat Amphitheater is owned and run by the city of Raleigh. It hosts various performances and concerts  from the months of April through October. I was requested to make two types of badges for those who purchased backstage passes: an All Access and a Limited Access.


  • Designer - myself ​


  • Visual identity 

  • Print design

  • Creative direction

Spring 2023

Badge Designs

Because the Red Hat Amphitheater is owned by the city of Raleigh, the branding for these badges did not need to adhere to the Red Hat brand standards. That being said, I chose a vibrant color palette to make the designs pop and to make the audience energized for the upcoming show. I also chose imagery that would convey the wide variety of performances that the amphitheater offers.

RH_Amphitheater_Badges-Print-2023_All Access-Front.png
RH_Amphitheater_Badges-Print-2023_All Access-Back.png

All Access: Front

All Access: Back

RH_Amphitheater_Badges-Print-2023_Limited Access-Front copy.png
RH_Amphitheater_Badges-Print-2023_Limited Access-Back.png

Limited Access: Front

Limited Access: Back


Because there were no pre-existing brand guidelines to go off of, this project was very open-ended. In order to get a sense of what I wanted, I did an audit of other performance related illustrations and wrote notes about what drew my eye to them. I also created a variety of color palettes to choose from. 

Based on this audit, I concluded that I wanted a lively color palette that conveyed a sense of movement and energy. I also learned that I wanted illustrations that were stylized to be surreal-like and three-dimensional. 

RH Amphitheater Moodboard.png
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