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Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

In 2023, the Global DEI Office took a data-informed approach to co-create Red Hat’s DEI strategy and 3-year roadmap, as well as launching their new messaging: At Red Hat, we believe inclusive collaboration drives innovation. This brand kit reflects these updates to the DEI strategy. 

Fall 2023



  • Brand designer - myself 

  • ​Brand designer - Allona Wilkerson


  • Brand kit

  • Visual identity

  • Creative direction

  • Strategy 


Brand Kit

The Red Hat DEI visual direction portrays all of the individual DEI communities' journey through collaboration and innovation. The circle elements are a call back to Open Source technology (a defining aspect of Red Hat), and the lines and nodes create a sense of motion and ideas being generated. Moreover, the hand-drawn elements add imperfection and show the story behind the collaboration. 

The icons were carefully selected from our Red Hat icon repository and serve to highlight the diverse perspectives coming together to make a better outcome. 

DEI Brand Kit.png
DEI Brand Kit.png

Evergreen assets

To create a flexible system that could be easily used and implemented by others, we created evergreen assets. These assets included social media posts, email banners, and presentation slides. The intention here is that those using our templates could add different text and swap out elements when needed. 

Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program brand kit (1).png
Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program brand kit (2).png
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